But who is this "Robert Hoyt"? Why on Earth does he have a website, anyway?

It's like this. I'm a premedical student living in Colorado. But while Biology is my first love, I have an interest in a whole host of things. Some of them I'm better at than I am at others, but I leave it to you to judge which ones those are.

Of the fields that have influenced me, writing is surely highest on the list. I've been attending conventions since I was just a wee lad, and wrote my first novel at the age of 14 (Incidentally, that novel, "Cat's Paw", is now available in E-book through Naked Reader Press, if you happen to be interested). But I've dabbled in art, music, website design (obviously), and a slew of other things.

So why do I have a website? Because it gives me the opportunity to inflict my work on hapless innocents like yourself. Welcome to the madhouse, pull up a duck!