Welcome to the new home of my website!

No, I still haven't decided that mauve backgrounds and midi music are a good idea, but I have gone completely insane and decided to create all my own sprites. Yes, you read that right. ALL of them. I know. You don't need to tell me. I also wrote all my own code for this (okay, with heavy referrals to online tutorials, but still). I clearly have a serious problem.

As usual, all my videos, writing, comics, et cetera, will show up on my site. Some of it may not CURRENTLY be up, but that's because this site is bigger than it looks. Rest assured that I will get it up soon-ish if it is not here already. Speaking of which, if you'd like me to shut up so you can get to one of those, just click one of the buttons in the sidebar to your left. We also have a new topbar! I think it's mostly self-explanatory. For those of you wondering where my updates section has gone, you can now find it under "News".

Thank you for stopping by, and please enjoy!